COBALT Pumpkit for Seychelle Water Filtration flip top bottle
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The portable water-purifying bottle needed to open the cap, needed to pour raw water into the bottle, and in large quantities, when clean water was required, it was inconvenient.
COBALT Pumpkit makes raw water flow in in a bottle by consisting of check valves by the side of the inhalation side and discharge, and grasping a container.
COBALT Pumpkitは吸入側・排出側のチェックバルブで構成され容器を握ることにより原水をボトル内に流入させます。
Since raw water is filled by the pump in the inhalation side tube, the irrigation to the bottle using a vertical interval is attained.
Since irrigation pressurization is carried out by the vertical interval, the clean water filtered with the filter is discharged from the discharge side check valve.
When stopping the discharge which has an outlet in the side aslant, please insert the discharge side check valve on the contrary.
Please be careful not stuck [ sand etc. ] for the check valve from which shallow Rika Mizutame and others can also secure raw water by pumping.
Usually, although it is an about [ 1m ] vertical interval, to connect a filter, the device of doubling a vertical interval is required.
The flip top's filters are three types of the left to standard advanced and a radiological filter.Left-hand side is budget prices.

At the time of clean water using a vertical interval, the greatest feature of COBALT Pumpkit is being able to use both hands.
It is safely [ a military personnel ] useful that both hands can be used.
If it sets to a small waterfall estuary weir etc., it will become possible to share drinking water with many members, or to use purification about 100 gallon (370 l.) for cooking / washing.
In order to avoid unnecessary clean water, it is possible to insert a check valve conversely and to water stopped the discharge side.
Seychelle is the world biggest manufacturer in a portable water-purifying bottle.
The performance of the water-purifying filter is proved by various results of the tests, delivery to the public institution of each country, etc.
Notes: The water-purifying power of a filter is influenced by raw water.

COBALT Pumpkitの最大の特徴は高低差を利用した浄水時に、両手が使えることです。

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