COBALT Pumpkit for Seychelle Water Filtration flip top bottle
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The cap of a bottle is removed and a check valve is removed.
A check valve is reusable if adhesives are taken finely.
When a check valve is hard, please strike an about 6-mm round bar a little from the upper part.
O ring is attached to a cap inner side in order to fulfill the airtightness of a bottle.If airtightness is not maintained, the amount of clean water will decrease.
The 24-oz bottle should attach O ring to the thread part by the side of a bottle, and should secure confidentiality. (The inside of a cap of a 24-oz bottle differs from the object for 28 ozs for a while)
The hose for inhalation is attached to the hole which removed the check valve.
A tube is attached to a mouthpiece and the discharge side check valve is set to it.
The inhalation side check valve is attached at the tip of the inhalation side tube.
It is the completion of a setup.
Please devise the angle of a check valve according to the container of a discharge place.

Please remove carefully the check valve attached to the cap part.
If the seal adhesive by which 溶 arrival was carried out is removed finely, reuse becomes possible, removes a pump kit and it can use it as a usual water-purifying bottle.
It is possible to suck in clean water, attach [ the pump kit ].
Please check the mounting instruction in Pumpvideo.
O ring attached to the cap should also usually use use as it is.


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