COBALT Pumpkit for Seychelle Water Filtration flip top bottle
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If it clicks a picture, a WMV animation will open in another window. The inhalation side check valve was set to the slot in which the water which I regard as it being about vertical interval 2m, and which has flowed from upper 沢 gathered. The length of the tube was prepared about 6 m. The scaffold of the photography place, etc. were considered and it became longer.
It seems that it is effective in cost on the outdoors which connected the bottle of the radioactivity filter with the standard when there are many impurities. At the time of a disaster, an owner needs to secure the drinking water for pets. A stop and discharge are controlled in the direction of a valve.
Attachment of a pump kit removes the check valve of a cap part, and inserts a tube. When a check valve is hard, please strike lightly. Since it was at the low-temperature time, a tube is hard, and it is somewhat unskillful. It is for O ring improving airtightness. ポンプキットの取り付けはキャップ部のチェックバルブを取り外してチューブを差し込みます。チェックバルブが固いときには、軽く叩いて下さい。気温の低い時でしたのでチューブが硬く、少し手際が悪いです。Oリングは気密性を高めるためのものです。 If the bottle in which 0.5-liter purification is possible is sideways turned in about 3 minutes by a 1-m vertical interval, the amount of clean water will increase. Please adjust the angle of a bottle, when there is little vertical interval.

If it clicks each picture, a WMV animation will open in another window. Please already wait for an apple system for a while.